BXER 21" Hydro (Aqua) Punch Bag - Black

BXER 21" Hydro Punch Bag - Black- Perfect for Group Workouts in the Gym- For All Levels; Beginner to Pro- Gym use...

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BXER 21" Hydro Punch Bag - Black

- Perfect for Group Workouts in the Gym
- For All Levels; Beginner to Pro
- Gym use (can be used at home)
- Safe to use outdoors in Rain or Shine
- Weighs approximately 50kg in weight when filled

About This Product

The 21" Hydro Punch Bag by BXER is our largest Hydro Bag we offer. Perfect for group and individual workouts alike. This Water Heavy Bag is the best to take any combination of strikes you can throw. It will absorb the strike similar to a person, giving you more realistic feedback on contact. Packs a punch for any fighter in training in the Gym or in the Home but you will need to ensure its securely fitted to a Bracket that can manage with movement of the weight of the bag. You can use this Training Bag solo or with your trainer to improve a multitude of skills and as it's filled with water, it will absorb your power punches better but also ease the impact on your joints, allowing for a harder work out.

Using the Bag

To hang the Training Bag properly, use a strong and secure method such as the BXER Hanging Chain Kit along with a suitable Bracket designed for this weight.

See the Filling and Draining Guide for more information on how to fill your Hydro Bag.

Items Included

- 21" Hydro Punch Bag
- Heavy Duty D Shackle

With every order containing a Hydro Bag, the following will be included:

- Free Standard Hose Filler
* Optional Valve attachment sold separately, available with Hose Tail or Hozelock Compatible Connector *
- Free Air Pump Adapter Nozzle


- Bag Dimensions: 53cm (~21") Diameter and 64cm (~25") Length
  (Dimensions are based on inflated sizes at manufacturing. Actual sizes may differ due to amount of air / water filled)
- Filled Weight: Approximately 50kg
- Shipping Weight: 7kg / 15lb
- Waterproof & UV Resistant
- Made from Durable Marine Grade Materials


1 Year Limited Warranty