Filling and Draining BXER Hydro Bags

Filling and Draining BXER Hydro Bags

How to fill your BXER Hydro Bag

1. If the Hydro Bag has been kept outside or in the garage in cold weather, bring it inside to warm up for 30 minutes to make it more pliable and easier to fill as it expands

2. Ensure your bracket is capable of at least 1.5 times the filled weight of the Hydro Bag before hanging

3. Hang your BXER Hydro Bag securely before filling using your chosen hanging method (we recommend using the BXER Hanging Chain Kit. Sold separately)

4. First, remove the valve plug from the Hydro Bag using a slotted screwdriver and keep in a safe place

5. Connect the supplied Air Nozzle to a pump (hand, foot or electric [these are sold separately]) and insert into the Hydro Bag

6. Pump up the Hydro Bag to approximately 1/4 to 1/2 full (the water will fill out the rest)

7. Check all connections are tight on Hose Nozzle Adapter before use as these could've come loose in transit

8. Connect the Hose Nozzle Adapter to your hose using your chosen connector whilst the tap is switched off

9. Put the nozzle into the BXER Hydro Bag and hold firmly

10. Open the water tap a quarter turn to ensure there are no leaks and once you are satisfied it is filling up correctly, you can slowly open the tap further (no more than two full turns is recommended)

11. If you find there are leaks on the Hose Nozzle Adapter, check and tighten connections where necessary and start the filling process again

12. As you fill the bag, stop filling every 20-30 seconds (depending on size of bag), to check the amount of water filled and to release any excess air

13. If using the Hose Nozzle Adapter Kit with an Isolation Valve, you can stop and start using the isolation valve rather than at the tap

14. Continue filling until your desired hardness / softness. The more water you fill your Hydro Bag with, the harder it will be.


- We recommend filling the Hydro Bags between 1/2 to 3/4 full. Overfilling will cause the water to spill out
- Due to the material thickness of the Hydro Bag, it may a little while to take shape with the water from its deflated shape. It will soon return it its teardrop shape
- Please keep some towels handy to wipe up any spillages that may occur!

How much do BXER Hydro Bags weigh when filled?

BXER 9" Hydro Slip Training Bag - 6 Kilograms (approx. 13 lbs)

BXER 12" Hydro Slip Training Bag - 12 Kilograms (approx. 26 lbs)

BXER 15" Hydro Training Bag - 31 Kilograms (approx. 68 lbs)

BXER 18" Hydro Punch Bag - 40 Kilograms (approx. 88 lbs

BXER 21" Hydro Punch Bag - 50 Kilograms (approx. 110 lbs)


Above weights are approximates as these will vary depending on the exact amount of water you fill the Hydro Bag with.

How to drain your BXER Hydro Bag

1. To drain a Hydro Bag, you will need to ensure its no longer hanging.
2. Place the Hydro Bag outside on the ground or in a bathtub or shower
3. Unscrew the valve plug, lean the Hydro Bag over on its side and push / squeeze the water out
4. Due to the modified valve designed to stop water from free flowing out, you will need to gently insert a long thin screwdriver to open the valve and increase the water flow out


BXER does not accept liability of injury or damage caused from the abuse, accident, misuse, nor does it cover uses not in accordance with the recommendations from BXER. Please see our Terms & Conditions Page for further details.